Can animal services help me deal with some crazy squirrels? Also, licensing your puppy

Can animal services help me deal with some crazy squirrels? Also, licensing your puppy

The squirrels are driving me crazy this year and are destroying my garden. Will Animal Services come remove them?

Some animals do seem to be even more active this year and that can be very frustrating for gardeners. Animal Services is primarily focused on pets and does not have the ability or authority to assist with wildlife issues.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website has a helpful section called “Living with Wildlife” that specifically addresses squirrels. There is also a section titled “Wildlife Control Operators” in case you need to hire a company to help address your wildlife issue.

I have a new puppy and saw your commercial about dog licensing, but my vet said he can’t have his rabies shot until he’s a little older.

Can I still license him now?

We offer free licensing to all puppies less than six months of age. This registers them with us and will help get them home if they are ever lost. It also provides them with their tag. You will start paying for the adult license when the puppy turns six months old and then renew throughout the life of your dog. The rabies vaccine date and the licensing term don’t have to match up perfectly, so just get that done as soon as your veterinarian recommends. Make sure that either you or your veterinarian sends us a copy of the rabies information in order to keep the license valid.

Each month, you will have the chance to have your questions answered by the animal shelter. Email your questions to and we will try to answer as many as possible. For more information on these topics and more, please visit The Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter is located in downtown Hillsboro at 1901 SE 24th Ave