Can you recommend a local place to get a good car wash or detail? Beaverton Car Wash

Can you recommend a local place to get a good car wash or detail? Beaverton Car Wash

Hello loyal Beaverton readers!

I have had several readers ask where I go to get a good car wash and vacuuming done. Let me tell you a story:

Last week, I took my white BMW around Mt. Hood Hwy to go visit my Sister in Parkdale/Mt. Hood. With all of the gravel, dirt, as well as debris on the highway, my poor car was more grey than white. I did not want to clean it myself so instead, I took it to the pros at Beaverton Car Wash. In just a few minutes, my car was beautifully white again.

To be honest, not all of the cars I buy or own are in need of a full detail. So, when I need to get one of my many inventory cars cleaned up, I am very happy to share the excellent job done by Beaverton Car Wash and Detail Center (12425 SW Canyon Rd).

Located on the Corner of Canyon Rd and Hall Blvd right here in downtown Beaverton, it is super convenient. Owner David Feigert and manager Mario Ramirez always treat me and my clients just right. They are always busy so that is a clear indicator of their reputation as well as their work ethic.


It’s simple and easy:

  1. First, pull into the lot as close to the giant vacuums as the line will allow.
  2. Then, when the attendant greets you, choose which package you want including which interior scent you want them to place into your vehicle (or not).

That’s it. For around $30 (a shade more for SUVs and trucks), you get a full exterior wash and full interior vacuum. Floor mats are cleaned, exterior is hand dried, and windows washed inside and out. You can also opt for just an exterior wash. At only $10.50, this service still gets you the hand drying. Honestly, this is a great deal and a great value.

While your car is being taken care of, you can wait outside or inside their lobby where you’ll find snacks, beverages, and a cute gift shop with greeting cards.

For full automotive detailing, this can take all day (and if it is filthy dirty, it can take more than a day). This service includes complete paint buffing and waxing, interior steam cleaning for cloth seats, and a full carpet/floor mat cleaning. I say you will not be sorry for getting a full detail here since it will not only make your car look new again, but it can also change how you view and think about your car. It just feels good.

Need having just the interior or just the exterior detailed? No problem, but I suggest discussing the process directly with either David or Mario. They are always quite happy to help.


If anyone needs help purchasing/leasing or finding a new or pre-owned vehicle (or selling one), please allow me to assist you. Email