Caring for unadoptable pups, please support our Furever Foster Program

Caring for unadoptable pups, please support our Furever Foster Program



On occasion, some of our pugs come into the rescue with a terminal illness, constant medical needs or have special emotional needs. These dogs are considered unadoptable, yet they are still able to live with a good quality of life.

For these dogs, our foster families commit to a lifetime of love and care for the time they have left, and Pacific Pug Rescue provides food, supplies and medical treatment for each dog in the Furever Foster program.

Our only funding for this program comes from donations and sponsorships. We rely heavily on our supporters to help us continue to help these sweet seniors live a full, happy comfortable life.


Edward came into the rescue due to kidney failure and a slew of other medical issues.

An update from his foster mother: Edward has only been with me about 2 weeks, and he’s had a bit of a rough time since he’s been here. He had a seizure earlier this week and had to be rushed to the vet, but he pulled through and is on medication now and seems to be doing much better. He is so sweet and his little tail is always wagging when he’s near me. He loves to nap, follow me around the house, and to go on our daily walks with his foster siblings Momo & Roo. Despite his hearing and vision impairments, he is very active and gets around great!

We appreciate your consideration of sponsoring these sweet Fosters!


If you are interested in Molly and Huxley you can apply and learn more here: or email