Catalyst Newsletter: Don’t forget to reply

Catalyst Newsletter: Don’t forget to reply

By Spencer Rubin

Well, it’s the last month of 2018, and I have spent the better part of this year watching…and listening.

One of the things that has seemed to worsen over time is: Correspondence!

There is not a day that goes by, that I don’t call, text or email customers, employees, vendors…asking some kind of question.

And…there is not a day that goes by, that many simply just don’t reply.

I should not take it personally…but I do. It disappoints me. It angers me!

I need answers. Why can’t I just get a simple answer from some people?

So this will be short: Managers and Owners…how awesome are you at giving answers? Do you reply to your employees and customers who have questions? If you do, do you get back to them quickly?

If you do, you are top of the heap! If you do not, you are simply status quo…or worse.

Remember this: Status Quo Is The Killer Of Excellence!

So…some unsolicited end of the year advice: Resolve to enter 2019 as a “Master Reply-Er”!!!!

Never let one query, question, email, text, call, or note from your employees or customers go unanswered! AND, answer them quickly.

You are certainly not too important for them. And don’t tell me you are too busy to reply. That would just make you a liar!

Your customers and employees are the most important people in your business life. You need them!

So reply…respond…and respect!!

Peace Out 2018!!

  • Be Great! Just Being Good, Kills Greatness!
  • Make It Easy For People To Do, And Keep Doing Business With You!
  • Look Up…And Surprise Someone!


Spencer Rubin is a sales/marketing expert who has spent 27 years in the industry. Spencer has become a passionate advocate for the success of small, local business owners. To sign up for Spencer’s weekly Catalyst Newsletter. Contact 971-732-4745.