Catalyst Newsletter – Wishing you a competitive 2019

Catalyst Newsletter – Wishing you a competitive 2019

It’s January…the 1st Quarter of the Game!

Time to set the tone for the year…for all 4 quarters of the competition.

What customer service records are you going to set?  How are you going to crush the competition in the customer engagement game?

Take away the transactional customers that are only interested in the lowest price…your relational customers want engagement and great service.

They want to know you care!  They want you to go out of your way to dazzle them…and apart from the extra energy it takes to do this…it’s super easy.

Are you ready to set customer service records??

Recently, I was shopping locally for some equipment for my company.  I prefer to shop local rather than online, however, I find that many brick and mortar businesses unfortunately have awful service and are pushing me more and more to on line shopping.

The business I was trying to GIVE my money too did not have enough equipment, so I asked the manager if they could order more in for me.  He said he would be happy to check, but it was a Sunday evening when I was shopping and he said he’d have to call me within 24 hours to let me know.  No problem!  I was satisfied, and was certain he could help me find the equipment I was looking for, and that he would make it possible for me to GIVE his business my money!!

24 hours passed, and no call from Mr. Manager.  FAIL!  I called him, but he was busy so I left him a message.  24 hours, no return call from Mr. Manager so I emailed him.  Guess what?  Another FAIL!  No return email.  I tried calling again, and left another message 24 hours later.  Strike 3!  Fail!  His lack of engagement, care, responsibility and his failure to simply communicate with a customer wanting to GIVE him $$ pushed me to take my business elsewhere!

So…I went online.  I found what I needed.  The “free” delivery option allowed me to receive the equipment in 5 business days.  No problem.  I received an email telling me my purchased equipment was being picked.  I received another email telling me exactly when my equipment was being shipped…and I received another email letting me know where my equipment was (approximately) en route.  The equipment arrived exactly when promised, and the day after I received it, I got one last email thanking me yet again for my business and asking me if I was satisfied.

I felt engaged.

I was satisfied.  I felt my money was well spent.  I felt like they cared.  I got the equipment I wanted, and I was communicated with by the company that I eventually GAVE my money too.  Next time I need more equipment, what choice should I make?  Someone made it an easy choice…and someone else made it a hard choice.

The world is competitive!

The world is fast!  Most people are willing to give you some time to dazzle them…but you have to be fast, you have to be nimble, you have to communicate (and not ignore them) and you have to care!  You have to want to knock their socks off!

Are you ready for the first quarter of the game?  Are you ready for the season?

Peace Out 2018!!

  • Be Great! Just Being Good, Kills Greatness!
  • Make It Easy for People To Do, And Keep Doing Business With You!
  • Look Up…And Surprise Someone!

Spencer Rubin is a sales/marketing expert who has spent 27 years in the industry. Spencer has become a passionate advocate for the success of small, local business owners. To sign up for Spencer’s weekly Catalyst Newsletter. Contact 971-732-4745.