Celebrate Beaverton Diversity, A rich tapestry of differences

Celebrate Beaverton Diversity, A rich tapestry of differences

June is a month dedicated to tolerance, a time to recognize and appreciate the rich tapestry of differences that make our community vibrant and strong. As we celebrate Pride Month and Juneteenth, we embrace the values of acceptance, love, and justice that these observances symbolize.

Pride Month is a powerful reminder of the importance of allowing individuals to be who they want to be and to love who they choose to love. It is a time to celebrate the progress we’ve made towards LGBTQ+ rights and to recognize the ongoing efforts needed to achieve true equality. Juneteenth, commemorating the end of slavery in the United States, serves as a poignant reminder of our nation’s complex history. It is a day to honor the resilience and contributions of African Americans while acknowledging the injustices they have endured and the work that still lies ahead to ensure justice and equality for all.

Beaverton is a diverse city, enriched by the myriad of cultures and backgrounds that our residents bring. In our schools, you can hear over 100 different languages spoken, a testament to the global mosaic that defines us. Nearly 20% of our residents hail from countries outside the United States, and 25% speak a language other than English at home. This diversity is a source of strength and pride for our community.

However, recognizing and appreciating our diversity requires continuous effort. Events like our Pride parade, Night Market, and a broad range of community cultural events showcase our commitment to creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome to express their identity and heritage. The work of our city’s engagement team makes sure that everyone has a chance to have a say in public decision making.

This summer, I invite you to join us in celebrating the diversity that makes Beaverton unique. Participate in our events, learn from one another, and continue to build a community where everyone can thrive.”


Lacey Beaty was elected Mayor of Beaverton in 2020. Prior to serving as Mayor, she served for six years on the Beaverton City Council.