Celebrate the changing of the seasons with Beaverton Winter Lights

Celebrate the changing of the seasons with Beaverton Winter Lights

Celebration to take place across the city (due to fountain work at City Park)

Friends, families and neighbors are invited to visit new winter lights displays at locations throughout the city for photo opportunities and fun. The displays will be running from Friday, Dec. 4, through the beginning of 2021.

For more information and display locations, visit www.BeavertonOregon.gov/winterlights.

These events are supported through CARES Act “Community Psyche” funds through Washington County and are designed to boost community and individual mental health and psyche. In a time when most community-building activities have been canceled, events that provide safe opportunities for deeper connection are important.

This new way to celebrate allows for social distancing and gives residents a chance to explore their neighborhoods throughout the winter season. Relocating the event from City Park also allows for renovation on the City Park fountain.

Fountain Work Planned For Winter

The fountain is a popular destination during the summertime; however, the frequency of required shutdowns for maintenance is frustrating for both the public, who want to use the facility, and city staff, who must spend excessive hours working on the facility rather than other critical water projects. Additionally, the in-ground vault that houses the mechanical equipment requires additional staffing due to confined space access requirements.

The renovations planned will reduce the amount of staff time necessary to perform maintenance and repairs, reduce the number of shutdowns, which interfere with public use, and save money in the long term by moving operations to an aboveground pump house. In addition to these structural upgrades, the city will be adding programmable fountain jets, lights and sound to the fountain to further enhance public enjoyment and add new dimension to city events that take place in and around City Park. To make way for the new pump house, the swing set will be moved closer to the play structure.


Construction is slated to begin in late fall or early winter. A virtual open house with project staff will be held mid-November. A summer 2021 reveal is planned.

For more information, visit www.BeavertonOregon.gov/fountainupdates.