Celebrating Diverse Graduates, Congratulations!

Celebrating Diverse Graduates, Congratulations!

It’s the time of year for celebrating graduates who are leaving school behind and moving on to the next phase of their lives. Families, friends, and teachers all join in applauding the achievements and encourage future aspirations. It’s a time in our lives that we look back upon and usually don’t forget; much like our first job, it’s an accomplishment that is moving us forward to the next opportunity.

This was the case at the Beaverton School District’s Community Transition Program (CTP) “Aging Out” ceremony on June 14th, 2019. Thirty-six students celebrated and graduated after three years of learning, growth and making life-long friends. During the ceremony, each person shared their post-graduate goals. Just as you would expect from any graduate, they included: going to college, getting an apartment, a driver’s license, traveling, spending time with friends, and getting married. Some also wanted to work more hours or get a promotion at their current job or get a second job. Graduates were encouraged by CTP Administrator Todd Nicholson to “make the most out of every opportunity” and with 21 out of the 36 graduates already working at their first job in the community, they are well on their way.

Dirkse Counseling & Consulting, Inc. Is proud to have served and successfully placed 15 of those young adults in their first job with the help and support of their family, friends, teachers, Vocational Rehabilitation and the local employers who recognize the benefits of diversity that includes people with disabilities.

Thankfully, Beaverton has employers like Aim High Ink, Carina’s Bakery, Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District, Big Al’s, Panera Bread, Trader Joe’s, Five Guys, and Fred Meyer to name few. These employers understand that inclusion brings more to their culture and to their bottom line and that diversity includes disability. They have provided employment opportunities for these young adults so that everyone who wants to work and has the skills, also has the opportunity so that they too may reach their goals, to celebrate their achievements and graduate to the next steps in their lives.

If you are an employer who would like to learn more about how to recruit, hire and retain this motivated, untapped workforce, contact Cindy Bahl, Director of Business Development & Amplify! Events at: 503-258-7715 or cindy@dirksecc.com