Celebrating five years at Top Golf

Celebrating five years at Top Golf



On April 30th, Jonah Carrasquer celebrated five years working at Top Golf! After graduating from high school in Beaverton and participating in the Community Transition Program, Jonah received help from a job developer in finding this job that he has thrived in!

He started as a porter and during the pandemic, Jonah stayed on to keep everything clean and sanitized. It was not his favorite role. However, he used his determination to prove his reliability, and when the opportunity to work as a dishwasher came along, he was very happy to give it a try. He loves it and his smile and cheerful disposition says it all.

When asked what he thinks about his job, he says he loves working with nice people, loves getting a discount on the great food, and wants to stay for a long time. His supervisor Chef Dylan shared that Jonah has never called out sick, is the best, most reliable and happy staff member – he has been known to cheer when a full cart of dishes comes down to the pit for him to wash.

He has also shown amazing growth in his independence – when he first started, he had the support of a job coach for his entire shift. Over time, the coach was able to reduce the amount of time she spent with him to an hour or so per shift. “It has been incredible to witness Jonah progress over the years. From working full time with coaches to now leading conversations with supervisors and independently applying what is discussed” says job coach Wynter. That independence includes being able to perform his work without assistance, and the kitchen can depend on him to manage his tasks even during busy times.

In addition to being completely dedicated to his job, Jonah loves running, socializing and going to the movies. “Work hard, play hard”, he says! Cheers to that, Jonah!


By Kristi Metschan. For more info about our mission & programs, call Glenn Bishop: (503)-265-9256 or email gbishop@dirksecc.com.