Change. History. Preservation. Downtown is growing quickly

Change. History. Preservation.  Downtown is growing quickly

I was asked recently what was on my heart.


Downtown Beaverton is growing so quickly. Businesses are moving here. People are getting excited about downtown. Buildings are being renovated and constructed. By all accounts, things are going really well.

It’s times like this, during seasons of rapid change, that I am extremely grateful that the Beaverton Downtown Association’s (BDA) mission is to promote the historic preservation of Old Town.

There is value here that runs deeply through all that we are. Our story as a community is written in our architecture and building styles. It is worth protecting. Amid the excitement, we must not forget our history.

Look for the historic plaques on old buildings throughout downtown Beaverton. Check out the city councilmembers names literally etched in stone outside of the SDRI building. Read the old news articles on the walls inside of Beaverton Sub Station.

When you come explore this community and uncover the stories, we think you’ll fall a little more in love, and feel a little more connected.

Historic preservation and economic development can play together effectively. We saw this in last year’s award-winning property rehabilitation projects at Ex Novo, Big’s Chicken, Lionheart Coffee Company, and The Whole Bowl. We’ll see it this year in Nak Won’s building improvements and Afuri Izakaya.

Our vision is that downtown will continue becoming more vibrant with a diverse array of restaurants, entertainment, retail, professional services, and housing. With your help, we can move closer and closer to this goal.

Are you ready for an adventure? Get the Passport to Old Town at participating businesses ( through March 31.

If you’d like get involved, we have great volunteering, sponsorship, and donation opportunities. Downtown belongs to all of us. There may be many stories here, but we are one united community, and this is our Beaverton.

#ourbeaverton The Beaverton Downtown Association promotes the historic preservation and economic development of Old Town Beaverton. Want to get involved? Check out our website at