Chess is a game for young kids and old guys too, Join the Beaverton Chess Club

Chess is a game for young kids and old guys too, Join the Beaverton Chess Club



Vikash Agrawal, born in Madhya Pradesh India, learned chess at a young age and now, at 72, still loves playing the game. He taught it to his grandson Aarit, who is 11, and will be going to Oregon Episcopal School this fall.

Aarit kept losing to his grandfather, so he started taking chess lessons from Coach Larry. He is now holding his own with Vikash in regular games. They both hope to start Playing in USCF tournaments this fall.

At 72, it will be Vikash’s first tournament. On any Thursday night you can find them at the Beaverton Chess Club hunched over a chessboard deep in thought. They play game after game, looking for new opponents to try out new openings on and see where they both can improve their chess skills.

Vikash and Aarit both enjoy the Beaverton Chess Club where there is a relaxed friendly atmosphere and where everyone is up for a chess game. The players fall mostly into two groups: 13 and under and over 60.

It looks odd seeing a 10-year-old playing someone over 70. But none of them notice the age difference. The old men have over 200 years of combined chess playing experience. They are willing to patiently review games with the kids and show them where they went wrong. The kids will also show the old guys where they went wrong! The kids of course are grateful for the expert advice.

Everyone benefits from this synergy.

The kids will also ask for help to get ready for upcoming chess tournaments by playing practice games, going over the openings they’ll play and perfecting their endgames.

Later, after the kids have gone home to bed, the old guard will stop playing and sit around swapping lies about old tournaments and past games. Then, they’ll talk about the games they played with the kids. Which ones may become good players and which of the kids could help them the most.

Vikash and Aarit both fit right in and add a lot to the club. I’m sure you could add to the Beaverton Chess Club too. We love helping beginners and all ages welcome!


Why learn chess? Simple: It’s a great mental workout that helps children perform well in the classroom. Chess is a logical game where kids have to plan ahead and adjust to new situations. But most of all, it’s fun!

Larry Ball (Coach Larry) teaches students of all ages at the Steinitz Chess Academy in Beaverton. For more information, email Larry at Visit us at 13755 Walker Road.