Chess, Kids & the Pandemic, Chess lessons for all ages

Chess, Kids & the Pandemic, Chess lessons for all ages

For over twenty years Coach Larry has been teaching kids chess through the Steinitz Chess Academy. The lessons were always in person, but with the pandemic he was forced to change and go to chess lessons on Skype. His students can tell you how well this is working.

“I really enjoy learning chess from Coach Larry. He makes it fun and interesting and is also very patient. I am really happy that I can continue to have my chess lessons with him over Skype. He is also very funny and makes me laugh very often.” (Isha Marla, 4th Grade)

“After the Covid-19 lockdown, I was worried about my chess lessons. Larry uses Skype to teach me and I think it is easier for me to focus on my lessons because he is well organized. I felt a very natural transition from face-to-face class to Skype (All homework is assigned online). In all, I enjoy taking Larry’s classes.” (Andrew Ma, 5th Grade)

“For the last four months, we have had to stop our in-person chess lessons, but Larry has made chess fun even through Skype. His classes are very interactive and it feels like he is sitting right across from me. I look forward to our chess lessons every week. Thank you Larry“. (Kavish Patel, 9th Grade).

“Since April I have been having fun chess classes with Larry on Skype. He is very funny and is a very unique teacher because he always has fun problems and cool tactics. Thank you, Larry for teaching me.” (Krish Patel, 4th Grade)

Chess is a wonderful game for all ages. It teaches students how to solve problems, how to plan and it builds good sportsmanship. Chess can be played for a lifetime.

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