Choco & Precious, two precious dogs overcoming health challenges

Choco & Precious, two precious dogs overcoming health challenges



Meet Choco

Choco came to us in October of last year from Mexico. He is only 5yrs old and was supposed to be quick and easy to place in a new home… famous last words!

First, Choco had some GI issues that were hard to pinpoint despite several ultrasounds and lots of testing. He is seeing a specialist for that and finally got things under control. Next up was a bum hip, which limited his mobility. We sent him to an ortho specialist, and they recommended a FHO surgery.

Choco is such a loving boy and so deserving of all this care he has gotten over the last 5 months. We are so happy he made his way to us from Mexico!


Meet Precious

Precious is a little cutie that came to us a couple weeks ago. Her knees are quite bad, having grade 4 luxations on both. She had bilateral knee surgery two weeks ago and so far, she is healing and doing great! Her legs already look so much better, and she is getting wonderful care in her foster home.

For those who are not familiar with the Luxating Patella surgery, it is an 8-week recovery period, where they have to spend most of their time in a crate. They are allowed out for short, supervised walks out to potty, but that is about it! Every week, if things are going well, they are allowed a little more freedom. Precious’s foster parent says she is not a fan of her crate restrictions, but she is handling it all like a champ.


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