City News: City Council Adopts Strategic Goals | Priorities (Building a Better Beaverton)

City News: City Council Adopts Strategic Goals | Priorities (Building a Better Beaverton)



Beaverton City Council adopted a resolution approving strategic goals and priorities to inform a two-year workplan at their Mar. 1 meeting.

The adoption was a follow-up to a work session held Feb. 22 and initial discussions from a City Council retreat held late last year.

“I’m grateful to council for coming together on goals and priorities that will help our community continue to recover,” said Mayor Beaty. “Our vision addresses every Beavertonian, and I look forward to this year’s budget process with these priorities top-of-mind.”

A goal commitment statement, strategic goals, the framework for a workplan, and nearly two-dozen specific project areas include initiatives like affordable housing, anti-racism, climate action plan implementation, behavioral health court expansion, capital project prioritization, and a fiscal sustainability plan to name a few.


Commitment statement:

The City of Beaverton is committed to meeting its goals by embracing its community vision; advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion; proactively responding to climate change; and striving for fiscal sustainability.


Strategic goals:

  • A Welcoming Community
  • Good Government
  • Safety
  • Housing
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Quality Infrastructure
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Community Wellness and Fun

The Council’s goals and priorities, which are informed by community and other guiding documents like the city’s Comprehensive Plan, DEI Plan and Community Vision will shape the upcoming budget development process in May.

While the goals and workplan is not intended to be comprehensive of all work underway, capturing highly visible projects and initiatives in a workplan is an effective way to focus city attention and resources on the right priorities.

Beaverton voters approved a change in government to a Council-Manager form, which became operational January 1, 2021. Since then, the City Council has hired a full-time City Manager to implement policy direction and oversee the city’s operations. Other changes include term limits and expanding the City Council to include seven members: six part-time city councilor and one full-time mayor with voting privileges.


The Beaverton City Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month. For meeting dates, locations, agendas and more, visit