Clean air. Clean water. Clean energy. Yeah, we want it all. We’re on a mission to make energy clean.



That means bringing more renewable sources into the mix and offering clean energy options, innovative programs and ways to help you use energy cleaner, smarter and more efficiently. All while making it reliable and affordable, too. We’re on it.

Join us. You can match all of your home’s electricity use with  renewable resources like wind and solar power for the added cost  of about $7 per month.(Based on the average residential electricity use of 790 kilowatt-hours). Just think, for about the cost of a fancy latte, you’ll be joining 225,000 Oregonians like you who believe in the  power of renewable energy.

What time is it? Saving time!

Did you know choosing when to use electricity allows us to use more sustainable energy? That’s just one benefit of our new Time of Day plan. It’s a pricing option that gives you more control over your energy bill by charging you less for energy you use during off-peak hours. All you need to do is shift your energy use away from 5 to 9 p.m. on weekdays.  You’ll pay less and we’ll be able to rely on more sustainable energy sources. It’s good for you. And it’s good for the planet!

See how much you could save on Time of Day!