Climate Change is upon us: Plug me in!

Climate Change is upon us: Plug me in!



Climate change is upon us and reducing carbon emissions is one of the best things we can do to fight it. Right now, over 40% of the greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon come from transportation. But that doesn’t spell the end of America’s car-loving culture. It just means a few changes are in store.

These days, more and more electric vehicles are showing up on roads. And no wonder. Not only are there more models to choose from, but EVs are also becoming more affordable to buy, less expensive to fuel and maintain and now, even easier to charge.

If you’re one of our customers who own or lease an EV, you’ll receive a $500 rebate when you install a PGE-approved home EV charger. It’s all part of our new PGE Residential EV Charging Pilot program.

After you’ve installed your qualifying charger and received your rebate, we will optimize your EV charging through the PGE Smart Charging program. You’ll get efficient charging and an additional $50 a year.


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