Cold weather is sure taking its time, but it is on the way

Cold weather is sure taking its time, but it is on the way



And with colder temperatures, and a lowering of barometric pressure, causes a constricting of the blood vessels, causing higher blood pressure. But there are some simple methods to combat the cold, and some bring their own benefits.

  • Hugging someone or petting a pet has been proven to alleviate high blood pressure and lower stress. In fact, 2 hugs a day has shown to lower blood pressure by as much as 12 points.  If you needed an excuse to give more hugs, this is a great one!
  • Squeezing something like a tennis ball, or stress ball has been proven to lower blood pressure. Just hold in your hand for 90 seconds twice a day to get the best effects.
  • Having a movie night? Pop your own popcorn.  Popping your own popcorn lowers the PFAS used in pre-popped popcorn by up to 65%, a chemical that can lead to increase in blood pressure.
  • Eating dark chocolate and cocoa powder help to lower blood pressure. They are both rich in flavonoids, a plant compound that causes blood vessels to dilate. Make a hot chocolate this season with cocoa powder for sweet blood pressure lowering goodness.

So cozy up to a loved one with some fresh popped popcorn and a cup of cocoa hot chocolate, and squeeze a tennis ball in the name of good health.

Stay safe and healthy this fall season.


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