Colors affect energy levels and mood. Here are some examples of colors and their effects

Colors affect energy levels and mood. Here are some examples of colors and their effects



The colors we see affect our energy levels and mood.  Extensive work has been spent over the years researching what it does to everything from our stress levels to how likely we are to make a purchase. There is an entire industry based around what color to surround yourself with, the best colors to paint your room or business.

Painting a room light green to make it more soothing might be more permanent of a solution than you want to do right now, however. While not as dramatic, there are smaller things you can do to get the effect.  Hang decorations with some blue, add some green to the room with plants, wear a little bit of bright red on you. Remember, it’s all about what color the eye sees.


Some examples of colors and their effects:


Red – This is a very energizing color, and can help when you need to get moving & motivated. Be careful, though, because it can affect the mood by focusing on negative words, while green does the opposite. Wearing red can also make you seem more powerful & attractive.


Yellow – Another energizing color, and this one also has the side effect of lifting the mood.  It has a cheery uplifting effect, but can be too energizing.  Too much yellow can lead to frenetic feelings and overstimulation.


Green- A soothing and relaxing color.  It is why a lot of people find they get more out of jogging or hiking in the woods.  It also tends to cause more focus on positive words.  Green light is also one of the only colors of light that can help a Migraine.


Blue – Another very calming color.  A little bit of blue can help with insomnia, stress, and anxiety.  On the flip side, if you are feeling down and low already, too much blue can start to cause pessimism and depression.


Violet – This color stimulates creativity and expression.  It also stimulates the problem-solving part of our brain. Too much violet can make us feel too cerebral, with feelings of insecurity and emotional suppression.


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