Come visit this powerful art exhibit at the Public Safety Center

Come visit this powerful art exhibit at the Public Safety Center



In the lobby of the Beaverton Public Safety Center, visitors will find a powerful visual art exhibit.

This six-painting series represents the domestic violence experience of one survivor in our Beaverton community. In 2016, Elodee S. was physically and emotionally hurt at the hands of her partner (at the time) and was prevented from calling 911 for help. The incident was investigated and supported by the Beaverton Police Department and prosecuted by the Washington County District Attorney’s Office.

Healing from any kind of trauma is unique to each person and is a lifelong journey. In her healing process, Elodee collaborated with visual artist Mya Bessette to create these cloudscapes in 2020. These paintings are reflective of Elodee’s journey before, during, and after her domestic violence experience.

“Survivorscape is a passion project, driven from my experience of intimate partner violence,” said survivor Elodee S. “Although my experience does not define me, it is now a part of my life story; a part that I have claimed. In claiming it, I can bring awareness to a topic that often goes unnoticed or silent. It was through the deepest waves of my journey that I quickly realized these situations happen too frequently and to any gender, race, class, ability, and religion. I want these paintings to mean something to you – whether you find yourself within them or notice the experience of someone you love in them. Your story matters. You matter. You deserve to gain the validation you need.”

“We are grateful that Elodee and her family have chosen to share these paintings with our police department and our community,” said Chief Ronda Groshong. “It is an honor for us to display this powerful expression of survivorship and hope.”


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