Community Message: Connect during the holidays

By Bethany Stroup

The other night I visited family members who I had fallen out of touch with due to our mutual busy lives.

Before visiting, I was worried and burdened with cares, but after an evening sipping coffee and enjoying relaxed conversation, my soul was lightened. As I left their home, feeling peaceful and supported, I considered the value of connections.

Many of us are planning to connect with family or friends for Thanksgiving this month. While some look forward to the turkey-filled day with glee, others approach with trepidation because of family conflict, discomfort, or loneliness. The truth is many of us have less than perfect relationships but be careful not to miss the value of human connection.

If your family can’t provide you with a safe, supportive community don’t isolate yourself, especially around the holidays. Try finding a Thanksgiving festival, community meal or activity and immerse yourself in.

There is an abundance of positive human connection in our community. This month, take a look around and find your special connection.

Bethany Stroup is the Media & Communications Specialist for Good Samaritan Ministries, a faith-based counseling organization with headquarters here in Beaverton.