Community Message: Make Memories This Summer

By Lead Pastor Doug Boyd

When you hear the word “Memories”, what song, trip, special event or image immediately pops into your head?  For me, summer always takes me back to my childhood when our family would pile into our Oldsmobile 4 door sedan and drive to my grandparent’s house.  There we would spend the week fishing, hunting, climbing trees and eating freshly baked cookies.

With the end of school, comes the opportunity for us to continue the one tradition that never grows old…..making memories.  Whether it’s a family vacation, a 4th of July picnic, a family reunion, a neighborhood block party or just lounging by pool, summer should be about creating a scrapbook of scattered pictures filled with smiling faces.

Unfortunately, the enemy to making memories is the daily grind of life.  Our jobs, traffic, much needed home and car repairs, relational and marital tension, all these can impact our ability and/or desire to create memory-making opportunities.  Don’t let the chaos and tension of life get in the way of painting some watercolor memories together this summer.

Believe it or not, building memories can actually help lift the load that tends to weigh us down.  People who make memories are not just sentimental…..they’re smart.  So, what memories are you planning to make this summer?

Doug Boyd is the Lead Pastor at First Baptist Church Beaverton.  For more information about our church visit us online at