Community Message: Spirituality in a Global Age

By Minister John Shuck01 pippa and me

In 2017 we celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. In the 1500s, the Reformers were responding to the political changes of pre-modern Europe. The changes we face now are far beyond what could have been imagined by Luther or Calvin.

The rise of modern science and technology, the human population explosion, and a slow but sure recognition that Mother Earth’s resources are not infinite, has left us searching for a spirituality that can make sense of and respond to this new reality.

What are some options for spirituality in a global age?

How do we unite Western and Eastern wisdom traditions, deep reverence for Earth, lamentation for loss, creative expression, and sacred activism to transform of individuals and institutions toward justice, sustainability and peace?

I don’t pretend to have the answer. I do feel that it is important for us to ask the hardest questions, give ourselves permission to explore provisional answers, and develop spiritual practices that are life-giving.

What is your spiritual practice?

What could I learn from you? How can your practice and my practice become our practice? We may have far more answers within and among us for the challenges we face than we know. Those answers can only emerge as we share them. Maybe that is the new reformation.

John Shuck is the minister at Southminster Presbyterian Church of Beaverton located on the corner of Denney and Hall. Visit us online at

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