Congratulations: Beaverton’s first female mayor: A message from Lacey Beaty

Congratulations: Beaverton’s first female mayor: A message from Lacey Beaty

I wanted to start this message off with a thank you to the residents of Beaverton, for believing in me and in our grassroots campaign.

When I launched this campaign over a year ago, I had no idea the kind of hurdles and struggles we would have to overcome to get to this moment. But here we are. And we got here as a community. We got here by working together to build a better Beaverton and by listening and engaging on the important issues.

The upcoming months are going to be ones of immense change and transition. As we embark on the process of finding a permanent City Manager, developing new ways to engage on issues of policing and climate change and overcoming the damage done by the pandemic, I hope we can all come together.

I hope over the coming months to meet with as many community members as I can, to learn even more about the issues you are facing and the priorities you would like to see addressed by the Mayor’s Office and City Council. As I’ve said in multiple interviews, the new role of the Mayor is one of Team Captain. I see myself in this new role as being diligent in bringing in community members, City Council, City Staff and other local leaders to help us address the spectrum of priorities and needs across the City.

This was a long election season, locally and nationally. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as Beaverton’s next Mayor and proud to be the first woman Mayor.

~ Lacey Beaty

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