Connect to your love of Jazz, learn to be your best musician

Connect to your love of Jazz, learn to be your best musician

Ensemble Jazz Experience connects adult jazz students who share a passion for music to learn and create music together in an ongoing band.

  • Connect to your love of music and the people who share that passion.
  • Share in the experience of learning and growing as a musician.
  • Create community and connecting by sharing music with others.

The Experience

Ensemble Jazz Experience is the context where you can learn to be your best musician. Playing regularly with adult students, we work on sight reading, improvising over chord changes, playing in different styles of jazz from afro-cuban and funk, to swing and samba.

We employ all the elements of music from listening, ear training, articulation, melodic interpretation, jazz theory, improvisation, arranging and jazz history.

In Ensemble Jazz Experience we value your desire to improve over your current aptitude. Our adult students are placed in a steady jazz ensemble of similar ability to ensure optimal growth and the best experience.

Every adult jazz ensemble student contributes equally to the collaborative; creative experience.

As an adult musician, if you are looking to make real improvement in your playing through regular opportunities, matched with seasoned professional faculty who teach as well as they play, we are for you.

Meet  Tina Richerson

Founder Tina Richerson fell in love with music in fifth grade band class while living in Chelan, WA. and has followed her passion from that time forward. After completing her Baccalaureate (Univ. of Idaho) and Master’s degree (Univ. of Washington) in music, she began working as a band leader, freelance musician and educator in Seattle for 10 years. In 2006 she moved to New York City to do the same. Upon returning to the northwest in 2016 Tina recognized a gap in the education culture. “It seems There are many adult amateur and semi-pro musicians who would love to be in a steady small jazz ensemble improving their overall musicianship and improvisation skills. There are local youth programs and some located in Portland but nothing offered in Beaverton or year-round anywhere. So here we are!”

Become a jazz master

The study of Jazz offers high level technical growth and mastery. Jazz requires understanding and application of history, theory, harmony and ear training to fully participate. When you study jazz, you study all aspects of music. This provides the best and most well-rounded musical education and experience.

We address the essential elements of musicianship and teach you how to be the best contributing member in your small jazz ensemble.

Nonverbal communication, focused listening, and group dynamics are essential for making great music.

The Ensemble Jazz Experience is affiliated with JazzBand Masterclass in Washington D.C. which has been supporting the growing jazz community for over 15 years.

For more information on how you can CONNECT, SHARE & CREATE with us, please contact Tina Richerson (Director and Founder) at 917-202-9816 or visit our website:

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