Consider how much you communicate with your customers: how much is too much?

Consider how much you communicate with your customers: how much is too much?



Just because we business people have more avenues to reach current and potential customers…does not mean we should communicate with them as much of some of us do.

What do I mean by that?

Well, perhaps you find yourself in the same situation I find myself in.

Everywhere you shop, businesses want you to sign up for rewards or a discount. OK. Cool. I get the intent and like it. BUT, what we are doing is giving them permission to email and text us…and many of them reach out to us too much.

When we buy online, and they offer us a certain discount on our first purchase…all we have to do is enter our email or phone number. Cool! Who does not like a discount?? BUT, once again, many (if not most) email and text us WAY too much.

Let me scroll back a few decades to my dating years. I was a terrible dater. I mean, the first date was great. Maybe the second. But honestly, when I was interested in someone, I called often to check in. I left romantic notes. AND…the majority of the time, it was simply too much, too soon. I alienated many of the women I began dating…pretty quickly…by: BEING TOO MUCH!

NOTE: I am a normal person…married for 26 years with 3 kids. I was not and am not a stalker!!!


Watch it! Just because you have a fancy text marketing platform…be careful!

Just because you have an email database…does not mean you should email your customers or prospects daily.

I get 1-3 emails per day, from a well-known craft retailer. I have them all go to junk…because: IT’S TOO MUCH!

There is a very well-known department store that emails me the world’s greatest ideas and offers…EVERY…SINGLE DAY!

It’s too much!

People are busy. I get that it is a cluttered, fast moving, competitive world.

But watch it. Watch out for “expert consultants” because not all of them are experts.

Don’t be TOO MUCH!

Watch out regarding how often you email people. Be careful you don’t text too much. Of course, this can all very from one industry to another…and the demographic of your clientele.

Just learn from my dating mistakes from the 80’s and 90’s: Don’t Be Too Much! Don’t Get Blocked! Don’t Become Spam!

  • Make it easy for people to do and keep doing business with you!
  • Look up…and surprise someone!


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