Cool ways to spend the last month of Summer

Cool ways to spend the last month of Summer



Musings of a (soon-to-be) high school freshman

Staying cool during the summer can be a challenge, especially with global warming on the rise. It’s important not to let yourself overheat. Fortunately, there are a bunch of ways to solve this problem! The most obvious choices would be to turn on the AC or stand in front of a fan, but here are three ways to stay cool while having fun at the same time.

Water is an excellent way to cool off! You can use it in a variety of ways. You can drink it, shower yourself with it or eat it (as ice). Plus, drinking water keeps you hydrated and that’s essential for not overheating. My personal favorite way to cool off is by crunching on ice like it’s a snack. Yum! Another helpful tip is to put ice behind a fan for colder air.

Having a water balloon or squirt gun fight is super effective for getting outside and getting wet. Inviting friends to come over to horse around with you is key for this fun activity! Enjoy running around, hiding, and splashing people with water. Remember to wear sunscreen because you’ll definitely get a mean sunburn if you’re outdoors too long.

Going to the beach or pool can help you beat the heat as well as giving you a reason to get out of your house! Beaches have fun waves and plenty of sand to play in so you’re never bored. Pools are much closer to where you might live and they’re always fun to splash around in. Bring some friends to either of those locations to double the fun!

To wrap everything up, these are just my suggestions on how to cool off this month. I’m sure with just a little creativity, you’ll come up with some fun ways of your own. Whether you stay at home or go somewhere else, you will inevitably find a solution to the rising heat of summer.

Remember to drink lots of water and have a great time.


Mizuki Wong is an incoming 9th grader at Mountainside High School. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, listening to music and learning about science and math.