Costume Avenue urges you to get creative and make someone smile: Fun in a new world!



Pandemics and lockdowns may be new to most of us, but adversity certainly isn’t. In all walks of life, in every part of the world, in every era, people have faced nearly insurmountable challenges. It is in those most trying times that our humanity shines. These days it’s no different. Even here at Costume Avenue, in our little corner of 1st & Main, Old Town Beaverton, humanity shines despite it all.

In the face of the Pandemic our customers had to get creative in their efforts to have fun; some would dress up the whole family for a mini parade to entertain their block, some would wear mascot costumes and goof around outside a sick person’s window, and others did the ‘waist-up dress-up’ thing when their Zoom meetings got dull, all for a few precious smiles. Call it courage, perseverance or just plain stubbornness, when laughter is hard to come by, we get creative.

With Halloween coming up it’s the perfect time to get those creative juices flowing. Even if you aren’t yet comfortable with going to parties or trick-or-treating remember that there is always another way to have fun and do it safely. Our little store is full of options and ideas on top of our many thousands of costumes and accessories so please join us for our 39th year in business this October.

Luckily, the lockdown is lessening; the sickness is subsiding …if slowly. This year isn’t as bad as the last and, hopefully, tomorrow will be better than today. Remember that progress is progress no matter how small it seems. So hold on to that momentum. Happy is healthier so get creative and make someone smile. Get silly and make yourself smile. Find your fun in this new world of ours.


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