Crisis of Communications: Now is the time to come together

Crisis of Communications: Now is the time to come together



No matter who you are or where you live, the entire world has been affected by the events of the last few years. A collective trauma that we all endured in some way. While the road to what we call normal is well on its way, we need to also acknowledge the mental toll it has taken.

As a culture we have acknowledged mental health as something important to take care of, and that we have to normalize talking about mental health and support. However, like a lot of other industries, therapy and treatment is now in short supply. And the need is higher than ever.

While there is no replacement for true professional help, there is something that each of us can do to help. Actively listen with empathy to others. Ask how others are doing and listen without judgment. And that can be harder than it seems, truly no judgment, no preconceived notions. Just listening.

During a traumatic event or life and death situation, our mind sees concepts in more black and white, write or wrong, as a mode of survival. We close off emotionally. The entire world went through some serious trauma, and it’s obvious we haven’t healed. One of our biggest strengths is our ability to come together in crisis. We are still in a state of mental crisis, let’s take that extra effort again to come together and listen.


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