Customer Service Is Hard, Wait…No It’s Not!

Customer Service Is Hard, Wait…No It’s Not!

There is a thing that all business owners and managers should commit to memory, and pledge action to:  THE ECONOMY OF THE LOYAL CUSTOMER!

Finding new customers is incredibly more expensive than keeping current ones.  It is also much more labor intensive!

In an era of Blah Corporate Customer Service…where ignoring the customer or doing the bare minimum is rampant…you have amazing opportunities to dazzle customers…keeping them for life…and essentially making them brag about you to their circles!!

Being proactively service minded is easy, and fun…when you have the right mindset, embrace it, and want to do it!  Warning:  It does take constant training, polishing and practicing.  It takes effort.

But what happens when things go wrong?  What happens when you or one of your employees makes a costly error?

Do you ignore the situation?  Bury your head in the sand?  Wait too long to fix the problem?  Do the blah bare minimum to “fix” it?

Bad Idea!

Your current customers have chosen you!!  They picked YOU to give you amazing gifts:  THEM…THEIR $…THEIR TIME…THEIR LOYALTY!

This is why you exist!  You do not exist for you.  If you are in business, you exist for those you serve.  That’s the deal!

Keeping a loyal customer is so incredibly valuable, and much more cost effective that recruiting new ones.  Yeah, both are important…but those current gift givers already believe in you.  They want to be loyal to you.  They want to be treated right.

So, when something goes wrong:  Fix it yesterday!

When a mistake is made:  Do not ignore it!

When your customer is upset and/or has a problem:  Make it better…NOW!  Not tomorrow.

Lose your loyal customers, and not only do you lose a valuable part of your business…but you also lose someone who brags about you, and gain someone who complains about you.


Basic stuff…right?  It is!  It’s Business Common Sense!  It’s Customer Service 101!

So why are so many businesses bad at customer service?

Make sure you thrive at keeping your customers happy…and your business will thrive!  You are here for them!

  • Make It Easy for People to Do, and Keep Doing Business with You!
  • Look Up…and Surprise Someone!

Spencer Rubin is a sales/marketing expert and a passionate advocate for the success of small, local business owners. To sign up for Spencer’s weekly Catalyst Newsletter. Contact 971-732-4745.

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