Depression. Anxiety. Fatigue. Try this quick body reset

Depression. Anxiety. Fatigue. Try this quick body reset



Depression. Anxiety. Fatigue. They have become American buzzwords as a new focus on mental health emerges, and we begin to realize that these have become normal conditions that most of us are facing on a regular basis. No matter where you sit on the socio-economic ladder, they are symptoms that most of us have to struggle with, and feel like we have to struggle through, at some point.

We decided to reach out to a local mental health therapist, and ask if there were any new approaches or methods that were proven effective. They had to be something anyone could do in a short time on their own. We spoke with David Hayden| MA, LPC, EMDR, owner of Natural Mind Counseling, and asked if there was anything he could offer.

David stated that there was a relatively new realm of study on what is called the Polyvagal theory. In a very simplified explanation, the idea is we have two types of nervous systems. Basically, when we are faced with ongoing stress like work related stress it puts us in the fight or flight response which then exhausts the body and that kicks us into “dorsal vagal complex” which can feel like depression.

The theory is, while it feels intuitively like we should just “push through”, it is better to take a few minutes, sit down, and let your body feel the exhaustion. Then, slowly move one part of your body at a time, starting with a finger. Move very, very slowly. You can do this with both arms and legs. The idea is to reset the dorsal vagal nervous system and allow normal brain activity again.

In other words, work and other related stress can trick the body into thinking you are in danger causing a list of symptoms, and this is a reset switch.  Try it out and see if it works for you!


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