Dine Local, Taste Global: 7th Annual Downtown Beaverton Restaurant Week

Dine Local, Taste Global: 7th Annual Downtown Beaverton Restaurant Week



Beaverton, quickly becoming known for its vibrant culinary scene, is gearing up for the 7th Annual Downtown Beaverton Restaurant Week. This year’s theme is “Dine Local, Taste Global,” showcasing and celebrating the city’s diverse food culture. Scheduled to take place from September 21st to October 1st, this highly anticipated event will showcase a delicious array of dishes from both well-established eateries and up-and-coming restaurants in the area and aims to highlight the creativity and innovation that local chefs bring to the table.

Food enthusiasts and eager diners can look forward to a variety of culinary experiences during the week-long celebration. Participating restaurants will feature specially crafted dishes that exemplify the unique fusion of international influences that characterizes Beaverton’s food scene. From family-owned bistros serving up traditional recipes passed down through generations to modern eateries and carts creating new food experiences, Downtown Beaverton Restaurant Week is a great time to visit and dine in the heart of our downtown.

The Downtown Beaverton Restaurant Week not only celebrates outstanding food and drink, but also underscores the importance of supporting local businesses. As the restaurant industry continues to rebound from the challenges posed by the pandemic, this event provides a platform for chefs and restaurateurs to continue to reconnect with the community. Whether visitors are craving global flavors or familiar favorites, Downtown Beaverton Restaurant Week offers an opportunity to savor the best of what the city’s dining landscape has to offer.


The Beaverton Downtown Association is currently recruiting a Promotions Committee Chair and a Youth Chair. Want to get involved? Check out www.downtownbeaverton.org.