Dirkse Counseling is looking to the future: Vaccine is Welcome Sign

Dirkse Counseling is looking to the future: Vaccine is Welcome Sign

Looking for a job during a pandemic can be daunting. For some job seekers with intellectual or developmental disabilities, the safety concerns and uncertainty caused by COVID-19 have made the prospect of working feel dangerous. As forced closures expanded, a virus with no cure meant waiting for a vague “all clear” that no one could clearly describe or define.

Before everything went wrong last winter, clients of Dirkse Counseling and Consulting were working meaningful jobs and exploring career options. As COVID-19 forced many indoors, workplaces and opportunities suddenly shuttered.

For already underrepresented populations, such as those experiencing Autism or Down’s syndrome, COVID-19 caused a troubling decline in job opportunities, skills training and social connection for those impacted by disabilities.

The delivery of vaccines is a positive sign of a re-opening job market for those who may need an extra level of comfort. As vaccines become more readily available, Dirkse is seeing a surge of engagement for its personalized employment services. Since Dirkse supports many clients who are vaccine eligible, the company’s Job Coaches and Employment Specialists have become eligible for immunization as well.

While staff members have the choice to be vaccinated, all are committed to highest standards of safety to ease concerns of their job seekers. Dirkse is engaged with clients in customized virtual, in-person, and hybrid models.

If you know someone impacted by a disability who is feeling ready to explore vocational options or learn more about available services, please contact Dirkse Counseling & Consulting at (503)-265-9256.