Discovering Your Strengths: Translating your strengths into paid work and independence

Discovering Your Strengths: Translating your strengths into paid work and independence

Screenwriting instructor Syd Field wrote, “Confusion is the first step towards clarity.” Many young adults experiencing disabilities come to Dirkse with a clear job goal such as, “I want to work at an animal shelter.” Subsequently, the path to employment is clear: Dirkse will support to create a résumé, develop interview skills, and apply to open positions.

But what happens when a client knows they want to work but have no idea what they would like to do or even can do? For this existential query, answers can be revealed through a formal process called Discovery.

Discovery is a state-approved program that allows young adults with Developmental Disabilities to be guided through a series of structured, employment-centered activities. With a dedicated Employment Specialist, clients can engage in informational interviews, skills assessments, and job shadows.

These activities allow clients’ existing skills, interests, and support needs to be observed, nurtured, and summarized into a formal report. The aggregate results of these activities are then utilized to develop a comprehensive path to entry-level employment in a desired field.

It is important to remember that the goal of Discovery is not to find a client’s “dream job,” as these are earned by gaining experience and career advancement.

Instead, Discovery allows a clients’ current interests and strengths to be translated into paid work to build independence, earn money, and break the barrier between disabilities and competitive employment.

For more information about the Discovery process, please contact Dirkse Counseling & Consulting at (503)-265-9256.If your business would like to be more inclusive to people with different abilities, matching skill sets to your business needs, please reach out to Dirkse Counseling and Consulting, Inc. at 503-265-9256.