Do I have to get a new car with add-ons if that’s all they offer?

Do I have to get a new car with add-ons if that’s all they offer?



Thank you all for reading my column and calling in with questions. I appreciate it and am always happy to help.

Recently, I have been asked why there are still very few cars to choose from and why some local dealerships are charging for additional items on top of MSRP for new cars?

The simple answer is that many dealerships are trying to make up for tighter inventory by trying to get more for each car sold. It’s obvious that the automotive industry has not fully recovered from where it once was before the COVID19 outbreak.

Here is a story about Martha, a longtime Beaverton resident, to help explain what’s going on. Before Martha reached out to me, she went to two different dealerships to buy a Prius. She said she knew what color and options she wanted. She also knew what she did not want and that was extras (aka. add-ons).

The first dealership she went to told her there were no cars in the color she wanted. The second place seemed to go better but after test driving a 2023 Prius in the right color and options, she noticed an additional sticker in the window right next to the MSRP sticker. This sticker said “market adjustment” of $2995 above the MSRP due to low supply of vehicles! Then, below this was a line stating that the car came with paint sealant, factory splash guards, all-season interior floor mats, and a rubber trunk tray liner for an additional $5,285 above the MSRP! These add-ons came with the car with no option to purchase the car without them. Since she was not in a hurry, Martha walked away.

A couple of weeks later, Martha found herself picking up a copy of Beaverton Resource Guide and reading my column. Curious, she reached out to me.

When we spoke, she seemed to be a bit frustrated when I tried to explain how I could get her the exact vehicle she wanted, without add-ons, within a couple weeks. What’s the magic? I simply told her that I have agreements with many dealerships that will share with me what vehicles they have incoming but are not spoken for. Note: did you know that approximately 70% of vehicles in production are actually sold prior to arriving at dealerships?

Martha was very interested in having me help her with her vehicle purchase and frankly did not care where it came from, so I went to work to secure a new vehicle for her.

After one phone call, I was able to find a Sea Glass Pearl Blue, 2024 Prius XLE. The dealership even delivered the vehicle right to the driveway of Martha’s home. We were able to purchase the vehicle for $500 over the dealership’s cost with zero add-ons.

The icing on the cake was also being able to sell Martha’s old car for $4270 more than she was offered in trade. I am very thankful I was able to help her and share the experience with you. Martha was able to keep $9555 of her money by being a smart buyer.


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