Do you have an emergency plan for your pets? Be prepared, have an evacuation plan

Do you have an emergency plan for your pets? Be prepared, have an evacuation plan

As we approach the summer months and wildfire season, it’s a good time to take a fresh look at your emergency plans to ensure you’ve included your animals in them.

If you ever need to evacuate your home, take your animals with you. There is no way to know how long you will be gone or when you will be able to return safely. Don’t rely on emergency personnel to provide care for your animals.

Although it can be stressful to think about having to leave your home in an emergency, it’s helpful to remember there are things you can do to prepare now.

Make a list of places you and animals can stay together if you evacuate. Many emergency shelters do not accept pets. If you must separate from them, do you have friends or family who could take in your animals temporarily?

Make a plan for your animals if you are not home or are unable to get home during an emergency. Do you have a neighbor who can care for or evacuate your pets if you aren’t able to get to them?

Practice getting ready to go! Teach pets to come when called, practice having them get into (and spend time in) their carriers, and practice loading your vehicle or livestock trailer. Use lots of yummy treats and positive reinforcement to make it fun for your pet!

While you’re making “go kits” for the people in your household, make these evacuation supply kits for your animals, too.

Find ideas of what to include in your go kits as well as additional tips on preparing your animals for an emergency on the “Emergency and Disaster Preparedness” page of our website.


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