Do you see spots in your photos? You may need to clean the sensor

Do you see spots in your photos? You may need to clean the sensor



Seeing spots in your photos is actually quite normal, so please don’t be too worried! If you’re seeing what looks like a fleck of dust or a bit of hair in your photos, it is a good indicator that you may need a sensor cleaning. Sensors are the part of your camera that captures light and converts it into signals, which create your photos. When something like a fleck of dust makes its way onto your sensor, it is blocking out that light that would normally create a perfect image. That blocking of the light will often result in something that looks like a speck or hair in your images.

If you have a DSLR camera or mirrorless camera, you have to change your lenses quite often to get the photos you want. In the process of switching out lenses, dust, dirt, and even moisture, can find their way onto your sensor. There are ways to try to prevent your sensor from getting dirty, however, having a dirty sensor is something that can be quite common depending on how often you use your camera.

Dirty sensors don’t necessarily need to be cleaned immediately. If it is something that doesn’t bother you, some photographers are able to simply edit their photos to not show these specks. For most professionals and hobbyists, specks in their near-perfect images can be distracting and annoying.

Never, ever try to clean your sensor with a cloth, canned air or your own breath to ‘blow out’ the dust. You could scratch your sensor, or worse, grow fungus in your camera. Fixing either issue is costly.

You can learn how to clean your own sensor, however you will need the right equipment and preferably a little bit of experience. At The Shutterbug, we carry sensor cleaning swabs for those who are comfortable with cleaning their own sensors.

The Shutterbug offers sensor cleanings that can be completed same or next day, no appointment necessary.


Crop sensor cleanings are $44.99, full frame sensor cleanings are $89.99.  Have more questions? Schedule a 1-on-1 in-person photo class at the Shutterbug (1 hr for $45) online or in-store! Interested in renting from The Shutterbug, Beaverton? Give us a call for availability at (503) 639-5088.