Do you want to live a healthier life? You have to move…

Do you want to live a healthier life? You have to move…



Now that Fall has arrived, the rains return. With the increase in precipitation there seems to be a proportional decrease in motivation to get outside. Unfortunately, our bodies crave and require movement.

During our office workshop last month, we discussed the lifestyles of cultures that tend to live the longest in the world. One of the key points was that they move – a lot! Interestingly they don’t go to a gym, they do simple movements like walking, hiking, or riding a bike. We are blessed in our area to have access to all three of these activities! There are nature trails, sidewalks, parks, and bike paths throughout our region. Honestly, the only challenge is often the willingness to get outside.

Here is where another key point comes into play – Community! The average person living to over 90 spends six (6) hours, or more per day socializing. By getting a friend, or better yet a group of friends to join you, these two keys can be combined! Plus, you get the added bonus of having people around you that will encourage you to keep moving – and you them.

Along the lines of moving, there is research that has shown that movement between individual bones in the spine is necessary for proper brain function. Sadly, there is not a pill or exercise that has the ability to isolate one area of the spine that is not working. A chiropractor is specifically trained to identify areas of the spine that are not working properly. Once identified, the chiropractor will work with you to create a plan for recovery.

In our office we believe it is important for patients to know that: “It is your body, your money, your time – and here is the big one – your responsibility for your health.” Keep this in mind as you look for a partner in your health. Of course, if you would like to learn how you could be helped through our office, call and schedule for a courtesy consultation. If you are a good candidate for care, you will know costs up front before beginning any procedures in the office.

With that, get out an enjoy some healthy movement…


Dr. Dan Miller has been serving the Beaverton area since 1992. He has long held the belief that good health begins before birth. For more information, visit his website at: