Does Beaverton have an appliance shortage? A surge in demand for limited supply

Does Beaverton have an appliance shortage? A surge in demand for limited supply

If you’ve tried to make a big purchase for your home recently, it’s likely you were met with some unexpected news.

The demand for appliances and furniture has surged during the pandemic, but at the same time, supply has gone down, creating a headache for both consumers and business owners.

“I am at my wits’ end trying to find a refrigerator,” said William Tucker, who flips houses.

Refrigerators are a hot commodity. It’s nearly impossible to get one delivered quickly right now.

“It’s been very challenging [as a business owner],” said Riad Taha, who owns B&R Discount Appliances in Beaverton. “For us to get [appliances], we’re not only having to deal with fierce competition at dwindling supply but then also higher prices. And not just on appliances but also freight, shipping.”

Taha tells FOX 12 factories haven’t been operating at full capacity because of the pandemic. It’s driven appliance customers who would typically buy new to his store and away from big box stores on backorder.

“This is the first time I’m going…‘used’ or, you know, scratch and dent,” said Tucker. “All the refrigerators that I have ordered have been delayed and delayed and delayed.”

At the same time, Taha’s working harder to get his own inventory and paying double for it.

“We’re under a lot more scrutiny from our customers because they think that we’re, you know, we get accused of price gouging,” he said.

Taha says that isn’t the case for him, nor is it for the owner at Pacific Lifestyle Furniture in Beaverton, Jesse Bise.

“Especially within the last 60 days, we’ve seen double-digit cost increases for almost all of our vendors,” said Bise. “It’s been pretty significant, and we’re doing everything we can to not pass that on to the consumer, but it’s gotten to the point where we have no choice.”

They, too, have seen a rush of customers since they were allowed to reopen.

“Even with only being open that week and a half in May, we did more business in that week and a half than we did the whole month of May the last year,” said Bise. “Which is very surprising; we weren’t expecting that.”

There are no sure signs of manufacturing ramping back up anytime soon. Those in the industry hope you hang in there with them.

A spokesperson for appliance manufacturer Electrolux—which you may know through their brands including Frigidaire and Westinghouse—tells FOX 12 consumers should order early, if possible, and be flexible with brands and styles.

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