Dog license vs rabies tags… What’s the difference?

Dog license vs rabies tags… What’s the difference?

What is the difference between a rabies tag and a dog license tag?

All dogs must be licensed by law in Washington County and each dog is issued a square metal tag to wear as proof and additional identification in case they ever get lost. Proof of current rabies vaccination is part of maintaining a valid license. In the past, people had to provide that proof from their veterinarian in the form of a certificate and some vets also give a rabies tag. These days we get rabies info directly from veterinary clinics, so it saves you a step. The bottom line is that the license tag is required, and the rabies tag (though not the vaccination) is optional.

I’ve heard that your shelter transfers animals out. What does that mean and why do you do it?

A “transfer” is when we have asked another shelter or rescue group to take in an animal from our shelter. Transfers help to maximize adoption for our animals. We have regular transfers to larger shelters with more resources inside their walls and greater pools of potential adopters. We also reach out to specific smaller groups for animals with special needs such as requiring some ongoing medical care or for those who we feel would do better in a foster home environment. We do about as many transfers as adoptions each year, making them an important part of our success!

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