Don’t like taking outdoors photos in colder weather? 3 fun tips for indoor photos

Don’t like taking outdoors photos in colder weather? 3 fun tips for indoor photos



With the sun going down earlier and earlier in the day, it might be hard to admit to ourselves that summertime is starting to end. And with that being said, it can be a little harder to figure out ways to stay active in the styles of photography that you are used to doing with the warmer weather and longer days. But with every adversity there is an opportunity to learn and grow, and one perfect way to take advantage of this is by learning new styles of photography that you may not have experimented as much with before. So today I wanted to dive into a few different ways to experiment with your photography indoors!

  1. Macro Photography Macro Photography is hands down one of my favorite styles of photography. It opens up a whole new world of perspective that most people don’t normally see that can make the possibilities of the imagination endless! This type of photography works incredibly well indoors since you can fully control your environment. With that being said, it is helpful to have a few accessories. These include a Macro lens (or extension tubes), a Flash and diffuser, and a Tripod, all of which we sell at The Shutterbug with a wide variety of options. With this setup you can take incredible photos of little critters, set up scenes with Legos or other small figures, and even get into close up item photography such as watches and rings.
  2. Still Life Photography Still life photography can be a nice tip of the hat towards the 1600’s still life painting and can be a fun photography technique to play around with lighting and shadows. For this kind of photography, it’s best to have a good flash with a softbox and a reflector. Then all you have to do is throw together a nice scene of either a variety of different items in your house or just one. Just have fun, play with your lighting and reflections, and get artsy with your set.
  3. Product photography Product photography can become a really fun type of photography that can also be used in just about every area in the job world. The reason this type of photography works so well inside is that you have a plethora of different items in your house alone that you are able to use to practice your product photography. And what is really great is you can do so many different types of artistic styles with this type of photography. You could incorporate water and reflections, colored dust, or even play around with colors and shapes. Your imagination is the limit with this type of photography!

So, get out there (or in there I guess) and start expanding your photography portfolio!


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