Double Decker Buses

Double Decker Buses

TriMet took an idea from the playbook of our friends across the pond to transport people between Beaverton and Wilsonville: A double-decker bus.

TriMet used the two-tiered bus while WES Commuter Rail service was down for system upgrades.

While the buses are a staple of mass transportation in the United Kingdom and elsewhere abroad, TriMet said there is no plan for a permanent double-decker bus being added to its fleet at this time.

That doesn’t mean it won’t possibly be on Portland-area streets down the road.

TriMed officials asked riders to give them feedback about their experience riding the double-decker bus between Beaverton and Wilsonville, for possible future consideration.

“Double-decker buses are one of many options TriMet is considering, as we look at innovative transportation solutions for the future,” according to a statement from the agency.

The bus ride took about 40 minutes, with no stops between the two locations.

Whether or not double-decker buses become a regular part of TriMet’s transportation services, riders will be seeing safety improvements on WES.

TriMet finished implementing a federally mandated safety system called Positive Train Control along the WES Commuter Rail corridor.

PTC can automatically slow down and stop a train if it senses that it’s going too fast or could get into an accident.

“The additional two that we had been working on is establishing the work zones to keep the roadway workers safe, and then additional safety at crossings, where the train will get a code that he needs to stop before the actual intersection and then he is able to continue through,” said Katie Brown, project manager for PTC for TriMet.

Tests took place nightly between the Beaverton Transit Center and Wilsonville Station

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