Downtown Beaverton is becoming a premier restaurant destination – It just keeps getting better!

Downtown Beaverton is becoming a premier restaurant destination – It just keeps getting better!



Wow! There are 11 new restaurants that have opened recently or that are opening this summer.

Downtown Beaverton is already the premier dining destination in the region, and it just keeps getting better and better.


These restaurants include:

  • 1st Street Pocha
  • Binary Brewing
  • Clover & Booch
  • Hyatt House Hotel Bar
  • K-Town Korean BBQ
  • Loyal Legion
  • Rough Draft
  • SeeSee Coffee Company
  • Sizzle Pie
  • Sudra
  • Yubbi Sushi


In addition to the 11 restaurants, we also have three retail updates:

  1. Staghorn Mercantile moved two doors down to a larger space in the Cady Building on Farmington.
  2. The Vault Vintage Boutique is moving into Staghorn Mercantile’s old space.
  3. Little Little Art Gallery is opening at 1st and Watson.


There is bound to be a lot of excitement around these places, and rightfully so. And with the CDC updating its health guidance, people are more eager than ever to go outside.

As you come downtown, please remember that each of our businesses in downtown are moving through their own public health processes. Please continue to wear your masks, and give our downtown workers some love and encouragement. It can be tiring these days.

Welcome to downtown Beaverton, everyone!

P.S. if you are looking for a way to RAISE UP the downtown community, you can contribute small monthly donations ($10, $15, or $25/month) to the BDA so that we can do even more public facing improvements in downtown.

~ Kevin Teater (Executive Director)



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