Downtown Beaverton, The buzz is real!

Downtown Beaverton, The buzz is real!

Imagine the excitement astronauts must feel before liftoff. Envision the thrill of a scientist making a monumental discovery. Think of the joy of a child when she sees the world through an entirely new lens.

Beaverton, the buzz about downtown is real.

The Old Town Wine Walk has arrived. Come taste local wines and visit unique downtown businesses on May 17 from 6pm-9pm. Tickets are available at

Did you hear about the Passport to Old Town?

Pick up your passport in any of the 20 participating businesses to receive fun deals and for your chance to win one of several grand prize packages when the program ends on August 31.

There are stories about this place we call home.

Stories about where we came from, who we are, and why we are here. Find the BDA at the Farmers Market on Saturday, June 8 to participate in the Old Town Scavenger Hunt, where you will find fascinating historical photographs and artifacts from long ago. The first 10-20 people who finish will receive tokens to spend at the Farmers Market.

Maybe horticulture and greenery is your style.

Come pot some plants with us on June 8 near the Farmers Market!

These are great activities, but we are only scratching the surface of what’s coming. Our vision is that of a downtown that is thriving 18 hours/day. It’s a downtown full of fun shops, businesses, and restaurants. We see a downtown where people live, build families, and age. It’s a downtown that is inclusive, fun, and exciting. A downtown like this can revolutionize the way we live, cutting carbon emissions and leading to a more creative society.

These dreams are not far off. So, hold on tight, because “the sky is not the limit”.

Want to get involved? Check out our website at

The Beaverton Downtown Association promotes the historic preservation of Old Town Beaverton and supports activities that add to the vibrancy of the historic downtown core.

For more information, contact Kevin Teater, Executive Director, Beaverton Downtown Association, (503) 332-5419