Downtowns are for everyone and I love the people of downtown Beaverton

Downtowns are for everyone and I love the people of downtown Beaverton

I love their passion, their vision, and their diverse backgrounds. I love how their differences make this place so unique.

Walking down the street, you can pass businesses owned by immigrants, first-generation Americans, and people who have called Beaverton home for generations. The diversity of this place is so special.

We can do even better.

With the support and guidance of exceptional community leaders, the Beaverton Downtown Association is in the process of creating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies and plans for our organization and our impact on the community. This will guide the way we manage volunteers, the events we plan, the business support we offer, the grants we pursue, and more.

This is a pivotal moment in the life of downtown Beaverton. Our rapid growth is exciting. It is fun. But it also has the danger of leaving some people behind. We cannot let that happen.

As downtown grows, we have the opportunity to help it be and help it become a place for people from all backgrounds, truly reflecting the diversity of Beaverton at-large.

If this is something you are passionate about, reach out to us so that we can have a deeper conversation together.

Downtowns are for everyone! You are welcome here. Just remember to wear your masks and practice physical distancing.

P.S. Three new businesses opened over the last month. Make sure you visit Koya Sushi, Somar Mediterranean, and Yada Thai Cuisine to welcome them to the neighborhood.

~ Kevin Teater (Executive Director)


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