Elections & Developing New Leadership (Learning and growing together)

Elections & Developing New Leadership (Learning and growing together)



Elections are over. Finally. And I’m really excited about the next couple years of leadership across Beaverton and Washington County.

I first decided to run for City Council a year ago in November 2021, so the finality of this election has me looking back on the journey thus far and thinking of the future of leadership in our city.

I am often asking myself, “Who is next, and how can we help them grow and prepare?”

Before last November, I had been connecting with local elected officials and asking for their feedback and guidance as I considered my own growing desire to run for office. This decision to enter the political field is a decision that deserves much care, and it brings a heavy burden throughout the campaign season and beyond. I had to make sure I was ready, or at least as ready as I could be.

The guidance and support I received throughout my campaign and Council onboarding process have been pivotal. My term doesn’t start until January 2023, but I am feeling prepared already. I want to provide the same support to future leaders that my predecessors have provided me.

Do you have a desire to run for office? Are you interested in political leadership, but unsure where to start?

I am absolutely interested in talking with you. I don’t know all the answers, but we can learn and grow together.

Much love, Kevin


About Kevin Teater: Kevin Teater is a Beaverton City Councilor-Elect, whose term starts in January 2023. He currently serves on Beaverton Planning Commission and was previously the executive director of the Beaverton Downtown Association.