Embrace the struggle, accept it and take it head on

Embrace the struggle, accept it and take it head on



I have to be honest; this is not a new subject for me.

We live in an incredible era.  Technology has permeated our lives, making life so much easier.


But is that always a good thing?

On the surface…sure!  But dig down a few layers, and you will likely be reminded:  Struggle is one of our greatest teachers!

Don’t let technology condition you to focus only on the easy path.  That is a sprint, and life…especially business life…is a marathon, chock full of hurdles and challenges.

Struggle: The most difficult of races and challenges leads to strength and skills for life.

That’s easy to say, and easy to understand…but the temptations of the easy path are great!

Let’s be honest. We all want things to be easy. BUT, easy is a dangerous temptress. Easy does not make us stronger and resilient.

Those great prizes, rewards and high hanging fruit take time…and struggle…to harvest.

If you appreciate barriers and difficulties…you will condition yourself to accept them, and build the skills needed to conquer them.

The next time a major challenge pops up…and the struggle presents itself…DO NOT run. Accept it and take it head on!

Whether you like it or not…whether you realize it or not…it WILL make you stronger.

  • Make it easy for people to do and keep doing business with you!
  • Look up…and surprise someone!


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