Emma & Theresa, bonded pair (These best friends were once strays)

Emma & Theresa, bonded pair (These best friends were once strays)



Emma & Theresa (8 & 5) were recently found as strays together and when you see them, they are so incredibly cute. It quickly became clear that they were best of friends and relied on each other for support and this is why they should be adopted together.  The girls are very lovable and really enjoy hanging out with you on the couch, so make sure you have room on your lap for two!

Our best guess is these girls were used as breeders and dumped. Both girls have obviously not been socialized much, the world is a bit scary to them. They are nervous when meeting new people but are quickly learning that people can be really nice!

In the beginning, walks scared them but they are learning to really enjoy them. They have gotten along great with other dogs they have met, but we have no history of them with cats… our guess is that they’ll do just fine. Both girls were not potty trained, but they are doing well (still a work in progress). Actually, everything in the world seems to be new to them so you will have a lot of fun showing the girls how great life can be with a family!

The girls do well in the car and just want to spend the day as your shadow. They recently got spayed and had a full dental so they are good as new health wise and ready to start their new life!


If you are interested in adopting this lovely bonded-pair you can apply and learn more about the adoption process here www.pacificpugrescue.org/available-pugs or email adoptions@pacificpugrescue.org.