Enjoy a locally picked pumpkin: harvest festivals packed with dry weather this fall

Enjoy a locally picked pumpkin: harvest festivals packed with dry weather this fall



The Hoffman Farms Store on Scholls Ferry Road is in full swing with its harvest festival. Owners said this summer’s warm, dry weather helped them out.

The Sunada family said the timing was right for their outing to the Hoffman Farms Store.

“My husband has to work because it’s Friday, so he missed it,” Mamiko Sunada said. “But if we miss it this weekend, I’m afraid it’s going to rain again.”

Sunada comes with her three sons every year. She said they had to take advantage of the weather in the early part of the season.

The dry weather has meant lots of work for the sprinklers recently.

Hoffman Farms Store owner Kelly Hoffman said pumpkins are watered heavily when first planted in May and June before scaling back until harvest.

“When it goes into a more stressed state then the pumpkin grows and it will orange up in time,” she said.

But the rest of the growing season has been very dry. A dry fall has also meant more people coming out so far.

“I think it’s the last-ditch effort to enjoy what Oregon brings before winter comes and the rainy season,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman said with irrigation on the farm, they don’t have too much of a problem with dry weather. The difference this year was getting the ground dry enough to plant after a wet spring.

Hoffman said part of the goal is to educate people when they stop by.

“They are able to know the source and feel confident they are getting the best food they can get when they come to our farm.”

Most families are not having trouble finding their normal favorites.

“We come for the strawberry picking every year too and we usually get a smoothie,” Sunada said.

Hoffman Farms Store is open Wednesdays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The last day for this season will be Oct. 30.


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