Entertainment or Therapy? Hobbies get a bad wrap



It’s just a hobby. To many, this means it has less legitimacy than, say, a job or therapy. But what then is the difference between:

  • Something you do for work,
  • Something you do as a hobby,
  • And something you do for therapy?

By definition, a hobby is something you do for pleasure while a job is performed usually to earn an income. Lastly, therapy is done to heal some part of yourself.


Dopamine release

Doing something for the purpose of creating joy is one of the best ways to induce dopamine release: a chemical which allows us to feel pleasure but is also crucial in how we think and plan. Not only that, but doing something enjoyable lowers anxiety, reduces stress, and creates a healthier focused mental state which makes us more productive.

So, if a hobby is something you do for pleasure, which in turn makes us happier and more productive, then it seems a hobby can really be equally as important as work, and a more version of therapy. The fact is, you will get more done in the long run making time for pure enjoyment (ie. a hobby) than you will filling your schedule with have to-do lists.


Not everyone is the same, however:

  • Some people enjoy sports,
  • and others enjoy art and photography,
  • or maybe you like something more left-brained like analyzing puzzles.


Whatever it is, taking the time to do something for the sheer enjoyment should be treated with value. To be your best self, treat yourself the best.


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