Erika’s Employment Journey with Society Pie

Erika’s Employment Journey with Society Pie



Erika came to Dirkse Counseling and Consulting for support in finding her first job. She was interested in working with friendly people and in fields such as food service and animal care, but her priority was a job where she was part of a great team.

Erika’s job developer already had a partnership with Society Pie and knew they were opening a second location which would be closer to Erika’s home. But more than that, Society Pie is a family-owned business whose values include making positive contributions to their community.  Erika met with the owners Josh and Stacey Kearney for an informational interview which turned into a job offer! She started her new job as soon as they opened in early April.

Erika describes her job as a great fit for her because everyone has been patient and helpful. She says that learning to make pizza is a lot of fun and she enjoys getting to know her coworkers in the process. The team works together to get things done, and never hesitates to help when Erika has a question or concern. Josh is pleased with Erika’s performance and her ability to learn quickly. She started helping with dishes, cutting and weighing dough, and now she is contributing nicely to the “make line”.  Erika is proving to be a great member of the team!

As far as what to order, Erika recommends “Fetta’s Betta”, and Society Pie is recommended for its amazing teamwork AND delicious pizza!


By Kristi Metschan.

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